7 Mind-Blowing Places To Have Sex That You Never Thought Of

We should all be able to agree that one of the most common places to have sex is the bedroom. It makes sense because it’s convenient, comfortable, and private but come on – we don’t live in the 1800s anymore. Bedroom banging may be an ‘oldie but goodie’ but there are so many other exciting places to get nasty.

Some of you may be looking to spice up your sex life, so this can be a really good way to broaden your sexual horizons and test your limits.

There may be some younger people reading this who still live with their folks or roommates and just need a place to fuck.

This article may even be useful for some parents who are finding it hard to have sex while the kids are home. Whatever it is, you’re all automatically cool in our books and guess what? You don’t even have to think about what and where these spots are, because we already compiled a list of hot places you and your partner can get your freak on. Enjoy!

Movie Theater

Who said the cinema is only for watching movies? It’s dark and for the most part, people are doing exactly what they came to do – watch the movie.

Make yourself comfortable in the seats at the back and kick the party off with a little finger action. So ladies, you may want to skip the panties and wear a skirt so your partner can have easier access. Let him take the lead and after he’s finished exercising his fingers in your pussy, you can return the favor with a hand job.

If you two are feeling extra risky, you can turn up the temperature and get your rodeo on if you know what we mean. Give his cock a soft bounce until he cums. After all, it doesn’t look weird if a lady is sitting on her boyfriend’s lap during a movie, right?

Just think about it – while the action is happening on the big screen, you could be having your own private viewing in the back row!

Hotel Balcony

This is a good one because depending on where you stay, the view may be breathtaking! And if the idea of being railed against a railing (see what we did there?) overlooking the ocean doesn’t turn you on, I don’t know what will.

Bear in mind that the chances of you being seen here are a little higher but we think it’s worth it.

Fellas, while your lover is leaning against the railing, sneak up from behind and touch her all over. Slide her panties to the side and fuck her like there’s no tomorrow.

Just be mindful of the weather because it’ll be super difficult for either of you to get turned on in super cold weather. Winter penis is a real thing!


Maybe you can’t afford a five star hotel room with a lavish view. That’s fine because you can easily improvise with Airbnb!

There are some Airbnb apartments that come equipped with hot tubs, outdoor showers, large pools, king sized beds and plenty more. They label them as ‘amenities’ but these are different parts of the house you could be getting it on.

Plus, it’s more affordable than The Plaza or Hyatt, so you’ll be getting the biggest bang for your buck – literally.

Washing Machine

You can take care of two loads at once. That’s what we call killing two birds with one stone!

Throw some clothes in, put your woman on top, spread her legs and fuck away while the machine vibrates and does its thing. This may feel slightly better if you have one of those rickety, old machines.

Dressing Room

What better way to end a shopping trip than with a hot dressing room romp?

Find a large store with lots of dressing rooms because you don’t want to inconvenience anyone for a few minutes of pleasure. Aim for a room with doors, not curtains and if you’re lucky, you may get one with chairs or a bench inside. Sit down and lift your lover up, so you can lick her pussy. See how fast you can make her cum.

You could also let her go for a “ride” and turn the changing room into a “champagne room“.

Parking Lot

There’s a chance you thought of this one and perhaps even tried it.

Now when we say ‘parking lot’, we don’t mean the crowded ass parking lot at the mall or supermarket. Try to find an abandoned parking lot or one that doesn’t get too much traffic. Having tinted windows is a bonus if you decide to do this during the day.

Believe it or not, there are many positions you can try inside of a car – that’s if you don’t drive a hatchback. Doggy in the back seat, cowgirl in the front seat, and if you recline your front seats, the car is your oyster!


There is a reason why this one has an alcoholic beverage named after it. It may be a little overrated, but this is something everyone should try at least once in their lives.

Preferably, you want to do this on a secluded beach at night. The only downside is potentially getting sand in your ass cheeks but that’s why you bring a towel, a LARGE one because beach sex can be really grainy.

When you put aside the messiness of it all, sex on the beach can be quite romantic. Let the moon and stars illuminate your naked bodies while listening to the waves crash. Have we triggered your inner hopeless romantic yet?

Having sex in just a bedroom is like eating unseasoned chicken for the rest of your life. It may satisfy your needs, but we think everyone deserves a little spice in their lives.

Give it a try, there are so many interesting spots you could be getting it on. Keep in mind that there are some risks, so proceed with caution. It’s fun to be kinky but busting a nut is not worth your reputation.

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