Erotic massage: the technique for beginners

massage for beginners

To face the winter, nothing beats giving in to the temptation of an erotic massage, just to awaken a desire that could go into hibernation! Erotic massage can be practiced for the simple pleasure of caressing and discovering between partners.

Erotic massage: do not neglect foreplay

The erotic massage is ideal to put hot pepper during the dull season. It requires some preparation, so that the session takes place in the best conditions. First, take care of the environment. Unplug the phone, turn off the laptops. Bet on soft, indirect lights, preferably pretty candles for a subdued atmosphere. Raise the heating in the room a little to avoid shivering cold – only the chills of desire are allowed! Warm up the massage oil you have chosen. On the bed, the carpet or the sofa where the massage will take place, add soft and warm fabrics, soft cushions. You can mark the path to the place where the massage will take place by splashing it with flower petals. On a table nearby, have sweets: fresh fruit, chocolates, and why not champagne in an ice bucket. Choose soft music that invites you to tenderness. If you like the smell, burn incense. Finally, opt for a seductive outfit – which reveals while hiding the essential.

Erotic massage: caresses and touches

If you are shy, you can practice erotic massage in the dark, to silence your modesty. Start your naughty massage by touching, rustling. You can use for this feather, soft tissue, why not the tip of your hair. Then go to the caresses themselves, starting with the back, then the thighs, then go back to the buttocks of your partner. Use not only your hands, but also the tips of your fingers, your lips, your tongue. Always leave a hand in contact with your partner’s skin. The effect is guaranteed!

Erotic massage: we move on to serious things!

Erotic massage can then change sides by moving to the massage of the chest of his partner. Turn it around so that it is lying on its back. Sit to his right, at his buttocks. Place your hands on the pectorals of your companion, and massage in small circles clockwise on the right nipple and counterclockwise for the left nipple. While continuing to make circular movements, spread and move the nipples, gently knead the skin. Then give up your fingers and use your lips to proceed to your massage. The chest is an erogenous zone as much at home as madam, do not hesitate to encourage your partner to repeat this massage on your breasts. The effect on libido is just as guaranteed after a long tantric massage!

The sensual massage, the advice of Brigitte Lahaie

If the interest of relaxing massages has long been proven, we do not dwell enough on his erotic powers. Whether tantric massages or simply sensual caresses, these intimate moments are valuable to the proper functioning of your libido. Here are some tips to give your partner an unforgettable massage.

I propose here to try the sexual massage to share a sensual moment. As its name aptly indicates, it is about massaging the genitals. Not for the purpose of coitus but rather to recreate a sensual harmony in the couple. I do not take enough time to touch each other without it implying a penetration. This massage aims to relax, to provide pleasure but without future intention!

It obviously requires a little preparation so that your partner takes advantage of this moment without it causes reminiscences of gynecological palpations! Although we will focus on sex, enjoy it so that the experience awakens all your senses to both of you. To create a sensual atmosphere, play on the lights, the colors, the materials, the soundscape. And of course, do not forget the smell.

Use oil and sweetness without moderation.

erotic massage

It is necessary to use an oil, jojoba oil (preferably organic) is a natural lubricant perfect for the genitals and the rest of the body. And why not a heating oil? Provided you have checked that it does not cause irritation. You can even try a massage candle at the beginning, on the back, the breasts or the torso, the belly…but stop before the genitals as this may be too aggressive.

Start with the hollow of the kidneys and the buttocks, at the beginning your partner will perhaps be a little tense, continue until the total relaxation of the body. Then slide your fingers in the slot of the buttocks and touch closer to the anus but without venturing into it. Then take the time to massage the inside of the thighs, in circular movements that go back to the groin.

You will now be able to take care of the genital area, massaging and stretching the skin to stretch the penis or vulva. For the woman, knead her pubis, in a soft and circular circle, then gently pulling the lips. No question of caressing the clitoris, even if it seems to need your attention. Sometimes the partner will get an orgasm without precise stimulation but the goal here is not enjoyment.

For the man play with the penis, massaging gently from top to bottom but also in circular massage. The caresses are too sweet to think of a blowjob, again the goal is not to get an orgasm. If it happens it does not matter but we do not take it into account.

We often forget that: it is more important to be in sensuality than in sexuality. This is what I propose with this massage that aims to do good to his partner while helping him feel and relax.

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