Lisbon Escorts: How to Use Escort Services

Those who use Lisbon escorts on a routine basis had to start somewhere. And chances are, every last one of them will tell you that hiring an escort for the first time was a daunting experience to say the least!

It’s no secret that the escort industry is one of inevitable stigma and taboo.  Even if you totally agree with and support the services of escorts, it’s not uncommon to feel uncomfortable organising a meeting. Particularly if it happens to be your first time.

So if out and about in Lisbon and looking to spend an unforgettable evening with an escort, here’s how to make it happen and make it happen right:

Use an Agency

First and foremost, the easiest and safest way to hire an escort in Lisbon is to use an established online agency. Organising things through an online agency makes the whole thing as easy and reassuring as it gets. You’ll get to see the available escorts in all their glory, find out what kinds of services are available and organise a meeting in complete discretion. You’ll also find a bunch of helpful resources to steer things in the right direction, including FAQs.

That said, you need to ensure that you choose an established and reputable agency with a strong track record. Make no mistake about it – not every online escort agency operates in the same way. Some are professional and responsible in the extreme, others are quite the opposite. Do your homework and ensure that the escort service you use is among the best Lisbon has to offer.

Ask for ID?

A pretty sizable proportion of the escort community in Lisbon consists of girls aged 18 to 25. Some of which inherently look significantly younger or older than others. Both for your own sake and that of the escort you hire, don’t hesitate to ask for proof of age if she looks suspiciously young. Even in relaxed and liberal jurisdictions like Lisbon, there are still extremely strong rules when it comes to underage sex.

For one thing, any escort working below the legal age could quite easily be a victim of people trafficking. By allowing them to get away with it, you’re directly contributing to the problem. Not only this, but use the services of an underage escort – even if sex doesn’t necessarily occur – and you could find yourself behind bars for a very long time. Believe it or not, escorts appreciate clients who are comprehensively careful and responsible when it comes to such things.

In fact, they’re often flattered if you think they look so youthful you’ve no choice but to ask them for ID!

Read Reviews

It’s not uncommon these days for past clients to leave incredibly honest and detailed reviews about their experiences with the escort. This isn’t always the case, but if there are reviews to be found, they’re worth checking out. Both in terms of the escort agency itself and the specific escort, a little homework often goes a very long way. Get yourself online and see what others have to say about the service providers you’re planning to hire.

Understand the Payment Process

Don’t let misunderstandings regarding the financial side of things ruin what could be one of the most incredible experiences of your life. Ensure you know ahead of time exactly how and when payment is to be made, along with which payment types are accepted.

In some instances, you’ll be expected to pay ahead of time and will have the option of using a variety of payment types. In others, you’ll need to ensure you have the full payment (plus tip) ready and waiting in cash for the escort to take at the end of your meeting. Under no circumstances should you make assumptions, or you could find yourself in an extremely uncomfortable situation.

Just for the record, tipping isn’t necessarily what you’d call mandatory, but is pretty much a given when using the services of escorts. Whatever it is you’re expected to pay, at least add a token extra amount onto the balance to show your appreciation.

Be Confident and Courteous

Last but not least, most escorts encounter pretty much every imaginable type of client on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the most memorable clients (in a positive sense at least) are always those who are confident and courteous. Even if you’re frankly terrified at the prospect of meeting an escort for the first time, you will both have a much better time if you put on your game face and enjoy the ride.

Likewise, just because an escort is a service provider doesn’t mean in any way that you ‘own’ them for the duration of your meeting. Your escort is a human being with real feelings and should be treated as such from start to finish.  Realistically, the best way to approach a meeting with an escort is in exactly the same way you would any other date. Make an effort, look the part and do everything you can to ensure she enjoys things every bit as much as you do.

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