Who are cuckolds, and why do they like to share a wife with another man?

Cuckolding is when a husband enjoys his wife having sex with others. This is different from swinging, where there is a voluntary exchange of partners. Sometimes the husband is personally present at the sex of his wife, other couples agree that the wife will send SMS to her husband from her meetings with all the details. Regardless of which option the couple chooses, these relationships are possible only with the consent of both and a trusting relationship with each other.

Cuckolding: how to happily give your wife to a black bull and enjoy this lifestyle?

Someone can talk about the abnormality of the interracial cuckold relationship. But let’s be clear about this, what can be abnormal in relationship of adults? It will be humiliation, deviations in health, total control over a partner and more, everything that will be associated with the suppression of the personality and desire of a partner. In cuckolding, on the contrary, there is a normality:

  • mutual agreements regarding the rules in relations;
  • feeling of satisfaction from the relationship;
  • lack of deceit, resentment;
  • passion, understanding, support.

If we discard the age-old hypocrisy and read various articles, it becomes clear that every second adult is visited by unusual sexual fantasies. Similarly, interracial cuckolding is a secret fantasy and a taboo breaking.

In any case, in a huge interracial community, you can find answers to your most secret questions, discuss it with forum users and get good advice if you need it.

The most common reasons people might like interracial cuckolding

Psychologists very often identify reasons why people may like this lifestyle:

  1. Biological mechanism. The desire to impregnate the female and rivalry between men. The right of a stronger male to have offspring.
  2. Taboo breaking.
  3. Propensity for BDSM.
  4. A sense of control and possession. The cuckold shares a wife, feeling pride that he owns what others dream of.
  5. Spouse’s impotence.
  6. Propensity for homosexuality.
  7. Сompression. This is the ability to feel euphoric from the fact that the beloved woman is well with someone else.

If both partners sincerely embrace this lifestyle, studies show that cuckolding can improve family relationships. Many couples become more relaxed, more trusting of each other.

However, if you’re having interracial cuckold fantasies, that doesn’t mean you should rush to fulfill them right away. In any case, it’s worth weighing the pros and cons, as imagining your partner’s betrayal in your dreams may not be as pleasant an experience as it is in real. Remember that trust and respect are the foundation of any relationship.

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