Why Mature Women Love Younger Guys

Mature women in today’s society have a tendency to want to date younger men. This is partly due to their self-esteem and health, and also due to their desire to remain free of long-term commitment. Wealthy, sexy older women can be found on

Thanks to modern medicine, yoga, Whole Foods, and BoTox, women are looking radiant well into their years. The glowing health allowed by modern lifestyles makes a woman feel good, and with that esteem, they can maintain the prowess and desire to attract a younger mate. The chase is an adrenaline rush, but when young men approach an older woman, the reciprocal self-esteem boost is can’t be topped.

Dating younger men makes older women feel good. With a younger man by her side, a mature woman feels ageless despite what society tells her she should feel. Young men can keep up to her prowess in bed more than the men in her peer group without the use of Cialis. Youth is a natural aphrodisiac. The quality of sex an older woman can have with a younger man also increases her sense of desirability. When a woman feels desired, she feels she is sexy, thus keeping the good feeling going.

Beyond just the excitement of one night stands, young men have energy that older men do not. When a mature woman keeps her body limber with yoga and a jogging regimen, she expects her mate to be able to pace her. Younger men can chase her on foot through romantic weekend outings, but they can also keep up with her emotional exuberance. These guys have not yet become jaded by age.

Younger men also carry less baggage with them. Chances are that a younger man that dates an older woman does not yet have children or an ex-wife. This makes the relationship exciting and totally carefree whereas dating a man in her age bracket guarantees loyalties to these lingering ties.

Mature women can take care of themselves. Thus, they want a companion who does not doubt her abilities to be on her own and who does not try to control the life which she’s already worked to establish. Dating a younger man naturally fits this bill. My Cougar Dates allow Cougars to maintain their own pace, live in their own space, and manage their own finances and social lives without interfering with forceful suggestions and heavy-handed guidance. If anything, younger guys will seek the council of their older girlfriends to establish greater direction in their own lives. This power dynamic is also a turn-on for older women who enjoy exercising the nurturing, matriarchal instinct.

Mature women who love younger guys are in it for the cultural aspect of the relationship. Having a relationship with a younger guy is a gateway into the ever-changing and rapidly-evolving youth culture – a world which is as titillating as the relationship itself. Older women who want to stay atop the wave of changing tides use their young male companions as their personal cultural ambassadors.

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