5 Habits To Follow For A Successful Relationship

If you are in a new relationship and are worried about your future after the honeymoon phase has passed, don’t be. Just because you finally start noticing faults, doesn’t mean the level of affection between you and your significant other would deteriorate. If the affections and emotions you are experiencing right now is real, you simply grow to love and appreciate each other for who you truly are. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t forget what drew you to each other.

#1 Compliment Each Other More

At the beginning of most relationships we tend to be more vocal about the things we like to each other. From their smile to eyes and the way they speak, we are constantly complimenting or saying nice things to each other. As our relationships progress, we tend to do this less until we hardly compliment each other anymore. If you want the spark in your relationship to last, make giving these nice comments a habit; a constant reminder that you still find him/her as attractive as you did the day you met.

#2 A More Balanced Habit When Compromising

In most relationships, one partner always seems to compromise more than the other. This is the 99% percent of relationships as it is extremely difficult to truly have an equal balance in all things. When this becomes a problem is when the wants of one partner is constantly ignored. Even though it’s okay to let the other have their way sometimes, it’s bad for the health of your relationship if this becomes the norm. In time you will eventually begin to feel like you are not valued in the relationship. Hence, it’s a good practice to start balancing how much you are willing to compromise early on.

#3 Be Adventurous & Spontaneous

Being adventurous and spontaneous is a nice way to keep the spice in your relationship alive. The random role playing outfit waiting for your partner when he/she gets back from work, the trips to random places both local and international and spontaneous trips to sex stores keeps your attention focused on each other. Couples can also explore their sexuality with luxury Silicon Wives, and no the name wives doesn’t mean only female dolls are available. Both live size male and female dolls are available for both hetero and gay couples. This encourages a more honest and trusting relationship between couples.

#4 Leave Random Notes/Little Gifts Of Affection

It can be so sweet when you open a kitchen drawer and find cheesy notes that proclaim the affections your partner has for you. Little inexpensive gifts tucked away in sock drawers show your partner you are constantly thinking of him/her and makes them feel loved. The next time you walk by a flower store, stop in, there doesn’t have to be a special occasion before you get your girlfriend or wife flowers.

#5 Plan Ahead / Plan For The Future

Planning ahead means you are always prepared and the odds of forgetting an important occasion is low. Make reservations with reminders weeks before, so even if you forget it’s your anniversary that day you will still be covered. Also, making future plans shows you are serious and thinking about a future where the two of you are still together. This strengthens your bond and makes for a healthy relationship, both financially and romantically

Do you want your relationship to succeed and possibly spend the rest of your life with your current significant other? Then follow the tips above and remember it’s not the gift but the thought that counts. Successful relationships always require a little work, and sooner you get into the habit of doing these things, the higher your odds of having a successful relationship.

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