Does the Size of a Penis Change Over Time?

If you’re considering a penis enlargement procedure, you’re probably wondering whether your penis size has changed over time.

The reality is that penis size does change as we age and it’s important to know that it’s completely normal and it happens to every man eventually.

Fortunately, just because you are no longer happy with the size of your penis doesn’t mean that you need to live with it.

Penis size changes: What you need to know

Before we look at how you can enhance the size and shape of your penis, it helps to understand more about the tissues that are present in the penis.

Your penis is made up of soft international structures and skin but as we grow older, these tissues tend to thin, stretch and not look the same as they used to. The older you get, the more your penis shape will change and the muscles and skin in that area will lose their elasticity.

If you are concerned about the size of your penis and it has started affecting your self-esteem in the bedroom, it may be time to consider a penis enhancement procedure. CALIBRE is the best penis enlargement method in Australia and comes highly recommended for a number of reasons.

This non-invasive treatment uses fillers to enhance the size and shape of your penis without the need for surgery or any downtime. It allows you to make use of the entire length of your penis in a way that works for you.

Along with age, weight gain and reduced circulation can also affect the size of your penis. Leading a healthier lifestyle that includes more regular exercise and a healthy diet can go a long way in retaining the size of your penis. When you carry a lot of weight near your groin area, it can automatically decrease the size of your penis. By getting rid of any excess fat in the stomach area, you can easily gain some of your length back.

What about penis surgery?

If you have been looking into penis enhancement options, you will know that there is also the option of surgery. While surgery has proven to be effective, it does come with a lot more negatives than using a non-invasive method such as fillers. For one, surgery does require you to go under the knife, which means there is a high risk of scarring and infection, not to mention that downtime isn’t optional.

Penis surgery is a very delicate procedure, to say the least, and a lot is resting on the skills and experience of your surgeon. In the case of fillers, hyaluronic acid is used to enhance the size and shape of the penis. This substance occurs naturally in the body, which means it’s very safe. It also means that the results can be reversed should you not be happy with them.

Basically, if you are interested in penis enhancement but you’re not willing to undergo surgery, fillers are a much better choice.

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