Can I Pay a British Escort in London with Cryptocurrency?

Discrete services have always asked for ways to be paid privately, but does a British escort London accept the ultimate in anonymous currency?

This is one of the top questions I get asked in regards to cryptocurrency and it’s multiform prowess: What can I actually buy with it? As it turns out, quite a few things, with more and more products and services entering into the marketplace on the daily.Cryptocurrency and escorts have many of the same qualities. They are discreet, reliable and, if invested in properly, can be a real game changer. Cryptocurrency has recently been thrown some shade for it’s questionable uses and activities, but there’s no more secure a way to send or recieve money. It can also reduce awkward questions that the tax man may ask, let alone your wife. Ultimately, cryptocurrency provides the most discreet and reliable way to move your money around, and great news: the British escort London elite are now accepting it.

Escorting has always been a mostly cash based business, spanning throughout the centuries. Although it is technically legal to be an escort, it’s still illegal to charge folks for sex, so traditional paper trails can cause a bit of financial confusion. On top of that, general clientele would prefer that their search for a british escort London doesn’t show up on their monthly expense report. For escorts, making the choice between escorting independently, or spending the hard earned money to go through an agency can be a really tough call. As an independant, escorts can end up spending an inordinate amount of time and money on vetting clients, as well as expose themselves to untold danger should they not screen clients appropriately. Many countries have made providing ancillary services to escorts illegal, as it’s classed as soliciting prostitution or sex trafficking. This leaves escorts without the protections and assurances inherent in aligning with a good agency.

Enter the technology of cryptocurrency. Because cryptocurrency is decentralized, it doesn’t require personal information to be exchanged along with the currency. A payer will simply get the address of the payees digital wallet, and send money their way, with only a wallet address used for all transactional details. The ledger is coded, but open to anyone in the community, making it basically an encrypted receipt that is extremely difficult – if not impossible – to alter or contest. Learn more about how cryptocurrencies work here.

Cryptocurrency is not only changing the way one pays for a british escort London, but also how the entire vetting system works as well. Some companies have designed a system that exists around the cryptotechnologies, cutting out the time it takes for clients and escorts alike to verify that they are, in fact, people and not utter psychos, as well as boosting profits for the escorts themselves. Traditionally, an escort that goes through an agency can pay up to 40% of their overall income in agency fees to ensure that their clients are legit and appropriately scheduled, as well as an estimated 70% of their off the clock time personally corresponding with clients, including the nightmare of syncing schedules, and further screening clients to confirm compatibility. The consumption of time puts undue pressures on both clients and escorts, as escorts aren’t being compensated for this very necessary process and it can be uncomfortable or difficult for clients to have to be in near constant contact with a prospective escort.

Companies that have embraced the cryptocurrency market rely heavily on prospective punters creating a one off secure profile to validate their trustworthiness. This greases the gears in two ways, prospective clients can guarantee that the escort they’re hiring has been age verified and is of the highest quality, while british escorts London can rest assured that the client has the money to spend as well as exhibits a problem-free history. While there are quite a few escort service agencies that have jumped on this exciting technology, they all work in roughly the same way.

It all starts with an integrated platform. Modeling themselves after popular online dating sites, these agencies provide pre-verified profiles of non-british and british escorts London and in turn supply them to pre-verified clients. The escorts themselves provide age verification, bios, and pictures to the agency, and the client provides personal information and a photo ID. Once the escort has been verified, their profile is added to the platform. Once clients are verified, they can then scroll through page after glossy, gorgeous, page of available escorts. Escorts can also update their availability and schedules in real time, allowing clients to book with ease. With some sites boast “one-click” booking, thanks to filters and preset menu options, pre-appointment screening correspondence is almost completely eliminated.

Security with such sites is just as secure as any other cryptotransaction, which is pretty effing secure. One company prides itself on having servers that are “beyond the reach of the jurisdiction of any government”. Citing convoluted, but fascinating security measures such as “data can only be accessed through private Tor-services gateways. Given that the TCP connection is proxied, the platform becomes truly anonymous”. Now, I have zero idea what that means but after a long and confusing ‘explanation’ with some of my most capable and trusted computer geek friends, it was eventually described to me as “pretty impressive, it’s better protected than the crown jewels”.

So it’s secure and it’s simple, but is it ethical? Most agencies that have adopted this new platform of escorting contend that with the streamlined, double blind agency process – where clients and escorts are vetted securely and separately of one another –  may actually show to reduce the risk associated to either party, as well as fight sex trafficking by adhering to a clear, strict, and transparent verification processes.  Vetting agencies provide both the client and the british escort london with safety and a piece of mind, they also require less shopping around, by providing an attractive option to both parties, they essentially become the Marks & Spencer’s of escorts. And who really wants to have a browser history full of multiple escort sites or spend hours searching through sleazy personal ads?

Clients can book an escort with cryptocurrency, and then choose to pay for the appointment in cash upon arrival, or they are now offered the attractive option of paying for the entire experience with the anonymity of cryptocurrency. This opens up a lot of really great channels for auxiliary options to clients. Most credit card companies, or banks, won’t allow transactions to escort services. For the cryptosavvy client however, you can purchase cryptocurrency fairly easily through multiple payment platforms, including popular sites like paypal. Once the cryptocurrency is purchased and placed into a digital wallet, you’re free to spend it as you wish and the only thing that is bound to show up on a bank statement is a cryptocurrency purchase. Some digital wallets do have leger included in the wallet, but as no personal information is utilized to exchange cryptocurrency, purchases are only signified with the receiving wallets “address”, leaving any prying eyes completely in the dark about what that currency was spent on.

Cryptocurrency in and of itself can also hold some pretty impressive purchasing power. But that’s another article. So in the meantime, keep it secret, and keep it safe.

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