Let’s Talk About Your Relationship with Prague’s Finest Escorts

Admitting to reserving the services of a Prague escort may result in many people being confused, if not appalled by the idea. But what if it turns out that a Prague escort is actually one of the best, and most affordable sex therapists available?

Sex therapists devote their lives to helping people understand their own sexuality, as well as consult individuals on the nuances of emotion and self-confidence. Understanding who you are sexually, how you work, what you like – these are all cornerstones of a sex therapists dialogue, consequently, they are also the cornerstones of a Prague escorts business.

A Prague escort devotes her time and her entire career to ensuring that clients get what they want, even if they don’t know it themselves.  She must be well versed in all different types of sexual strategy as well as be able to extend these considerations to any number of different clients. Making a Prague escort know more about individual sexuality than many of the top experts.

We spoke to Kiana, one of’s top grossing professionals to help give us a little insight on exactly what a Prague escort can do.

It’s not just for men

Susan HeitlerPh.D, a clinical psychologist writes in her blog that a “sexless marriage is a vulnerable marriage”. Now, she’s not proselytizing that everyone go out and find themselves a Prague escort, but her statement is a valid one. Sexless marriages can indeed work for some couples, others, it can breed disaster. Straying from fidelity in a marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t love your partner, but perhaps that you just don’t understand them – or yourself.

Kiana takes a pretty practical approach to this problem. “Have sex. Make time. Make it exciting and enjoyable.” Kiana reports that she often hears clients say things like “My wife would never do this” or “I’ve always wanted to try this, but I just can’t”. She says that a lot of the time, clients haven’t asked their partners, for fear of judgement. She tells us that she’s one of the many escorts that supplies her services not only to men, but also to women and couples as well. She even teaches a class on “seduction” to women who feel like they don’t know exactly how to please their men, or themselves. Kiana says that although society is changing, “there are still a lot of women and couples who feel pressure to be very plain in the bedroom”. She says that old world ideals are still very present in the gorgous and ancient city inside the Czech Republic. These rules can really limit what it is couples are comfortable doing, even within their homes. “Even if a woman wants a more exciting role to play with her partner, they may not know how to initiate it.” Kiana’s class teaches women to be more assertive sexually based on the type of sex they really want.

Couples Therapy

Sex therapists across the world seem to agree that two of the biggest problems couples face today is monotony and lack of time and understanding. Understanding your own personal sexuality can be a difficult task. Especially when you’re engaged in a long term relationship, lead a busy life, or just don’t feel confident about yourself. Booking an appointment with a Prague escort forces couples to set aside a specific amount of time, solely to work on their sexuality. There are no distractions here and with a professional Prague escort, what you pay for is what you get.

Kiana says that she offers a range of services for couples, and yes, this includes having sex with them. “Couples can want all sorts of things. Some women just want the female experience, others are looking for a coach. Some want a third directly involved in their play.” Kiana says that she not only joins couples, but that she also encourages them as individuals, reminding them that sex should be fun. “I’ve had many couples book my  services thinking it would be a fun one time thing, and then end up becoming regular customers”. Although she laughs when we suggest that she sounds like an excellent therapist, Kiana knows exactly who she is. “I’m not a therapist. I just know how to enjoy sex, because I personally enjoy it, very much. It makes me happy to be able to give that joy to others”.

Knowing what you want

Some tout prostitution to be the oldest profession in the world. Prague escorts, however, seem to worry less about how old their profession is and more about how to be the best in their field. The life of an escort is a much less sordid, and much more skillful position to hold than you would think. Escorts must not only keep their bodies but also their appearance, minds, and health in top shape.

Because a Prague escort caters to many different clients from around the world, they have to be well versed in many different subjects, and not only the naughty ones. To be one of Prague’s top girls, you have to be able to hold conversation and know how to make people from many different walks of life feel comfortable. Once a client is comfortable the work of exploring sexuality begins. Kiana tells us that often, clients will coe in requesting certain services and leave, having experienced something widely different, but incredibly satisfying. “I think a lot of people have guilt over what they want sexually, and they just don’t need that”

Many escorts offer a wide range of “menu” options. This mean that pretty much whatever you’re into, a Prague escort can help you explore. From anal, to foot fetishes, to role play, Prague escorts have seen it all. “I think the best part is that, because you’re a stranger, people are much more open to you about their desires”. For some men and women alike, being able to open up to their partners about their sexual needs and desires can be frightening, if not feel altogether impossible.. This becomes especially difficult when someone may not understand their desires to begin with.

The younger generation

Escorts also cater to “newbies” or younger people. 18 and above are capable of booking an appointment with a Prague escort. Kiana tells us that she’s seeing more younger clients than ever. With the reality and acceptance of sex becoming more and more apparent in modern day society, thanks to it being brought into the mainstreams of television, films,  the internet, and even books, people are now more comfortable with discussing their sexual desires, to the professionals at least. “I’ve had to expand the services I offer to include toys, light bondage, and costumes” Kiana says that some clients come to her wanting to “try out” things that they don’t understand, and as she is most definitely a sexpert, she’s happy to help others learn about the wide world of play available to people. “I think that if more people were as comfortable exploring their sexuality personally, they wouldn’t need me anymore, so I guess that it’s a good thing that people still need [a Prague escort] to help them become more comfortable with their desires.”

Booking an appointment with a Prague escort may not be the first line of defense against your sexless marriage, or your uncomfortability with your own sexuality, but for hundreds of years, people have been supplementing their sex lives with the use of professionals. Today’s escorts aren’t just there for the sex, however, but there to honestly help people value themselves and decide exactly what’s right for themselves sexually. Feeling confident and comfortable in your sexuality can lead to a myriad of positive changes in your life. Being self assured enough to express that confidence can fill a lot of the gaps some of us feel we find in our lives. Because as Woody Allen once said “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer”

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