Escorts – The Innocence of Youth or Majesty of Experience?

Many guys use the services of escorts from time to time, and many of these on a regular basis. Some guys like to stick to one escort and get to know her whilst others like some variety and change each time they book an escort. But one of the big dilemmas that many guy face is should they book a teen escort or book the services of a mature escort?

Teen or Mature escorts – What’s the difference?

Let’s be honest, it is a lovely dilemma to have, that of choosing between a sexy young escort or a stunning mature escort. Both  offer different things potentially and although whichever way you decide to choose the experience should be great, selecting what feels right makes it ideal. There are a few things to consider when making this decision and one of the starting points may well be your own age.

Think for a second about this before booking your London escort. If you are middle aged guy the chances are that any partner or partners that you currently have, be they girlfriends or wife are more than likely to be around your own age group. Nothing wrong with this of course but there may well be a natural attraction towards something a little different, and a teen escort may well tick those boxes.

Conversely it is well known that many younger guys often fantasise about older women, and a young guy in his twenties may well want to push the boat out and learn what a more mature escort has to offer him. 

Why you should book a teen escort

So what can a teen escort offer you? Firstly the innocence of youth. There is a certain appeal about an 18 year old escort just beginning her sexual journey in life. Lots to learn, lots to experiment with and there may well be opportunities for an older guy to teach her a thing or two at the same time. If you are relatively experienced then you will know how to pleasure a lady and there can be a huge element of excitement giving a girl some new pleasures.

Needless to say also, a teen escort will more than likely have a figure to die for. Un-ravaged by the passage of time she will have perfect firm breasts, soft youthful skin needing minimal makeup and an ass like a peach. The pleasure to be derived from watching a hot sexy teen escort undress in front of you then you having the opportunity to massage her young body and touch her all over will excite most guys.

Why should you book a mature escort?

So what does a mature escort bring to the party that a teen often can not deliver. Physical attributes of course, there is no getting away from the fact that a teen escort is going to have a stunning figure. But again many ladies maintain a very high quality figure well into later life. Plus of course it depends what you consider to be a mature escort. Perhaps a lady over 40 may fall into this category for you?

Ladies of a certain age have had much life experience as well as bedtime experience. Having been with a number of partners they will know exactly what guys enjoy. And if they don’t get it right first time it certainly doesn’t take them long to discover exactly what you enjoy.

So you can book a mature escort safe in the knowledge that your pleasure will be paramount in their minds as well as you having a great experience. When you book a mature escort she will know the process involved. There will be no awkward moments or silences as she knows exactly what to do to make your date awesome.

So lets be honest, it is a lovely problem to have to solve. And you will have a gut feeling as to which way you will want to go when you decide between a teen escort or a mature escort. Either way you are sure to have a good time and if we may make a suggestion, why not book both on separate occasions and judge the difference for yourself. Happy days.

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