Pornography and Internet: How They Collaborate with Each Other

The adult entertainment industry contributed greatly to the development of the internet, influencing items as different as spam, online payment systems and malicious software, among others. It is said that the porn industry is behind several technological advances, such as the boom of video tapes or subscription television. This time, we highlight the 12 ways in which the sex trade changed the internet, good or bad.

1. Online payment systems (good)

In 1999, Internet users spent $ 1.3 billion on online porn, 8% of the total, and more than the money spent on books or airline tickets.

2. Spam (bad)

The sex industry did not invent spam, but it gave proof of how profitable it could be. In 2003, one in five unwanted messages was from adult sites.

3. Streaming content (good)

That is the name that can be observed in real time. In this way you can access the content of thousands of adult sites.

4. Malicious software (bad)

Visitors to these sites can get infected by clicking on image galleries or downloading video encoders that were actually Trojans.

5. Live chat (good)

Because it is not enough to watch videos of naked people, but you can converse with them. There are lots of live cams; Blonde cams, ebony cams, teen cams and many more.

6. Pop-Ups (bad)

After entering a pornographic site, it would seem impossible to leave, due to the thousands of windows that open with advertising and tricks to not let you escape.

7. Broadband (good)

The evidence is anecdotal, but experts in the field believe that “acquiring high-resolution pornographic images at a higher speed, promoted broadband connections.”

8. Browser hijacking (bad)

Some spyware appropriate web browsers, redirecting users to the mentioned adult sites.

9. Traffic optimization (good)

Before blogs, affiliate networks and massive links exchanges appeared, adult sites promoted each other by joining forces.

10. Domain hijacking (bad)

The example was the case of precious, with a scandal that began in 1996 and involved false documents, the payment of large sums of money and a trial that still has not ended.

11. 3G mobile services (good)

Pocket porn is the new frontier and there are already sites that offer photographs and videos.

12. Paris Hilton (bad)

Some say that the famous video for adults “One night in Paris” contains her best performances so far.

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