Tantric sex secrets

When you think of sex, most people think of an image similar to porn, something wild, dirty and hard. As if they were all real escorts in Sydney. But it is important to know that there are different types of sex, as well as practices, fantasies or even fetishes.

What is tantric sex?

Tantra is an Eastern philosophy from India, which focuses on the importance of self-knowledge and sensations. That is why all relationships with this name have three pillars:

  • Rhythm: Take it slow, there is no rush. Little by little, just focusing on what each second feels like and connecting with the sexual partner.
  • Atmosphere: Sight, smell, touch… A comfortable, relaxed environment that helps create the necessary climax. In which everyone can develop at ease making all the movements you want.
  • Looks and caresses: Here the whole body counts. The genitals are no longer the main source of pleasure. It is necessary to dedicate time to contemplate and go centimeter by centimeter through the skin of the other person. Playing with different pressures and parts of the body.

How to practice it

Nowadays it is very easy since there are many professional escorts in Auckland, experts with whom you can do it. But it is important to know at least the beginnings to be able to enjoy it properly.

First of all, it is recommended to start with both of you naked, seated, facing each other. Just looking into each other’s eyes and controlling your breathing. And although at first it may seem strange or uncomfortable, after a while you start to be aware of everything, the environment, the hair, the skin, the smell…

Once this phase is over, you can start with caresses, kisses… Let yourself go but take your time, without rushing. The key is:

  • Concentration, relaxation and breathing: It is important to forget everything else. There is only the present moment, be aware of the internal energy and the partner. Put away all other thoughts, worries and other responsibilities. It is the moment to observe and be aware of every detail, to get closer and connect with the other person.
  • Explore: No shame or complexes are valid here. Going over the sexual partner’s body, feeling it with your eyes, hands, lips or any other part. Not a single centimeter should be left out. You can even use feathers or other objects to help test the sensations that can be caused.
  • Take it beyond the physical. As mentioned above, the focus is not just on the genitals, nor on the pleasure of penetration. You need to connect with the other person, take the time you need, pace your breathing and feel completely.
  • Orgasm: it is not the goal of tantric sex in itself. Although it can provoke them if done correctly. It ends up being more intense since thanks to this practice the sensitivity and stimulation capacity of each part of one’s own body is tested.
  • Penetrations: Yes there is, but the focus is on feeling the penis inside the vagina. Not in and out rhythmically. Here it is more important the games of kissing and caressing while the penetrations are made very slowly. So you have to resist the temptation to increase the rhythm of the penetration.

Benefits of tantric sex

This type of relationship has proven to have many advantages for health, personality, self-esteem and pleasure. A new way of living sexuality that is even offered by many private escorts in Southampton and other connoisseurs of tantric massages. A relaxing experience that aims to get away from the stress and daily rhythm of today’s society.

A respite in which to be aware of every part of the body, how it moves, how it feels… To simply enjoy. And it is not the only benefit of tantric sex:

  • Intensifies sensations: By focusing only on the moment and everything you feel, nothing else exists. One lives and identifies everything better, being conscious and letting oneself be carried away by everything that it provokes in one’s own body.
  • Self-control: By feeling and recognizing each sensation, it is easier to control oneself in order to increase the time one can dedicate to each relationship. Since each tantric encounter can last for hours. With which the pleasure can be prolonged in intensity and duration.
  • Self-knowledge: The exploration and dedication is a perfect opportunity to know everything that produces more or less pleasure. What parts of the body to stimulate and how to climax.
  • Open-mindedness: It is about trying to understand sex and relationships beyond the conventional way, the one most people practice. To get to know the people with whom you relate better and more deeply.

It is a way to understand and comprehend how one’s own body moves and is able to feel through stimulation. Just stopping and taking the necessary time to focus on it and being aware of the breath to accompany it and connect with the other person. A whole experience that otherwise would be difficult to live in today’s society.

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