How You Can Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

Sex and intercourse are important elements in any relationship, no matter how seasoned or fresh it is. At times you may find that your sex life is not as adventurous or pleasurable as you would like it to be. However, there are solutions to your sex woes – and they’re not as complicated as you might have thought.

So, what exactly can you do to shake things up a bit in the bedroom?

Indulge in Your Fantasies

Everyone has at least one fantasy or another, and more often than not, this is something that is not shared with their sexual partner. To spice things up, why not indulge in your fantasy or theirs? Be open to exploration, and be open to new things in and out of the bedroom, and you’ll take your relationship to completely new levels you thought were unattainable before.

Play with Sex Toys

Sex can often become tedious if you are simply doing the same time and time again. When you know what to expect, it can be hard to enjoy it as much, with habits becoming mundane quite quickly. However, injecting some excitement between the bed sheets by using sex toys can be extremely appealing – both for you and your partner. There’s a reason they’re so popular, after all, and it’s not because of their (often) bright colors.

Trying out sex toys can be a thrilling avenue to explore with your lover, and it’s one that’s incredibly accessible to beginners who may not even know what an adult toy is. Sites like My Amazing Fantasy are superb examples of the kind of adult toys available on today’s market, with sensual sex toys and aids that can allow you to rekindle the fun and passion in the bedroom once more. From herbal remedies to lubes and pleasure-inducing toys, there is always something for you and your partner to get excited about.

Buy New Underwear!

The underwear you don in the bedroom says a lot about you. If you are wearing old and frumpy underwear that you wear every day, you’ll probably struggle to get in the mood for any type of action with your partner.

However, if you treat yourself and buy new underwear that’s perhaps a little more risqué than your usual undergarments, you’ll feel sexy and send off the right signals to your partner, as well as serve as a piece of ravishing eye candy for them.

Overall, attractive underwear and lingerie can make you feel more confident in yourself while getting you in the mood – plus, your partner won’t be able to resist when you’re all wrapped up like a Christmas present, ready for them to open and play with!

Focus on the Foreplay

Of course, sex is important, but when it comes to spicing things up, you need to focus on the build-up and the foreplay just as much as the act itself. This is what will grow excitement, and it is what will get you and your partner going.

To focus on foreplay, don’t just jump in at the deep end. Instead, start by discussing what you want and expect and what feels good. Share your desires with each other and what you would like, and then incorporate this into the anticipation and build-up, in addition to actually undertaking these desires’ respective actions during foreplay.

Talk to Each Other

Communication is very important when it comes to sex and intercourse. If you are not talking to your partner and communicating clearly, you may find there are mixed signals – or a lack of signals at all. Mixed signals are confusing, and they can affect the quality of sex due to errors in communication.

Naturally, talking with each other about the woes of sex might not sound like the biggest turn-on, but when you share what you are feeling and thinking, you can then indulge in exactly what you want and need from sex.

Breaking down any communication barriers you might have with your partner and actively communicating and listening is going to be important when it comes to spicing things up – so ditch any insecurities you might have about sex talk and dive into the conservation. Your partner – and your relationship – will thank you for it!

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