So much is taught in school with the exception of using escort services. Society somehow assumes that men should know how to use escort services. However, most guys who desire to spend time with the best escorts in London are clueless when it comes to preparing for the appointment and actually engaging in the activities. Below is a simple guide that gives you an idea of how to prepare and treat the girls you book from the popular escort agencies in London.

Prepare Sufficiently To Meet Your Preferred Escort

Your typical escort just like every other woman would like to be treated well. You should not view them as low life whores. If you treat them with respect and make them happy in the process, they’ll certainly return the favour. If you consider the best escorts in London, for instance, you’ll discover that they are some of the most brilliant, finest and most interesting ladies you will ever meet and knowing them is a treat you wouldn’t want to pass up for anything. If you book an escort, you should prepare yourself well in a similar way you would when going for a regular date because the girls offer you more than just the sexual experience. In most cases, you get the opportunity to enjoy a good conversation and a fantastic personal companionship too. Remember, you get the aforementioned services by simply being nice to the women just like any other woman you would take out on a date. In any case, the escorts are women and they like to be treated respectfully; it’s a superb way to practice, especially if you wish to get ready for a special date.

When the London Escort Arrives

When your chosen escort arrives, you can actually treat her like your blind date. You can complement her by telling her she looks beautiful and remember to smile and be friendly as you invite her into your home or hotel. You may even go the extra mile to offer her refreshments, such as wine, fruit juice, or soft drinks. Allow her to smoke if you’re a smoker as well; but if you don’t smoke, kindly discourage her from smoking.

If you’re spending time with an escort for the first time, then she might get a script going just to confirm that you’re not some violent weirdo, a cop, or someone who’ll cause so much trouble. Depending on the escort you book, expect to make an upfront payment, as most of them request clients to do this before any action begins. Generally, she might ask you a neutral question to determine your level of understanding with regards to escort services and what more she can inform you about the service. Therefore, if you’ve previously used other similar services, kindly inform her. She’ll get the idea that you’re familiar with the rules.

On the other hand, if you’re completely new to the service offerings, you should say so in advance. By doing so, she will supply you with the relevant info you need. Additionally, if feel a little nervous, you can let her know that you’re doing this for the first time. She’ll help you relax, engage you in pleasant conversation, and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. There is always a first time for everything and there is no need to be embarrassed or uncomfortable; the escort will guide you through the process.

The reputable escort agencies in London only send professional escorts who take their time to explain rules regarding the escort fees and tips, including the time limits. Once you’ve reached an agreement, she might inquire about what you wish for her to do for you. When asked this, do not hesitate to tell her exactly what you desire. It might be somewhat awkward, especially if you’ve never done this before. You may specify whether you wish to have regular sex, anal, CIM, head, or any other service you might think of. Note that the girls are not shy, meaning you can freely talk to them about your specific sexual interests. Discover more tips by reading about encounters on the Cosmopolitan.


Booking a professional escort for a memorable sexual encounter is a worthwhile experience that will keep you coming back for more. In fact, most escorts prefer to meet regulars. Even so, escorts always look forward to meet up with all clients as long as they are not troublemakers.

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