How to give an erotic massage so she will never cheat on you – 9 easy steps

Erotic massages meant for women tend to be a big unknown for their partners and learning how to give an erotic massage to them can change your sex life tremendously towards the better end. Not only it provides relaxation but also arouses her in a pleasant way and prepares her for the potential love-making.

How to give an erotic massage to a woman

If you want to grant your woman a truly fine and unforgettable erotic massage, try to follow a couple basic steps that will surely be appreciated and will make the whole profedure as pleasant as possible.

1.      Clean and comfortable surroundings

It is contributory for any erotic method when the receiver is relaxed. The surroundings can contribute to that. A messy room isn’t the best thing for excitement so it is better to clean the room up and arrange it for the event.

2.      Fragrances and lights – play with the senses

You can use all kinds of fragrances and essential oils. Spread them over her body and grant her the royal feeling of sensuality. Don’t be afraid of playing around with the lightning – turn the lamps off, light the candles up. Create the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Warm up

Have a bath with your better half in a hot water for the oil to absorb better and the whole procedure was more pleasant (muscles recover better in warm water). You can begin with the massage in there already by various tender touches.

4.      Ask

Do not forget to communicate with your girlfriend or wife throughout the whole procedure (communication is also important during sex itself) and make sure that all of the applied methods are pleasant for her.

Erotic massages for women step by step – Yoni

If we’re talking about a suitable technique for women it is worth mentioning the yoni massage. There is a direct stimulation of vulva taking place during this massage using special techniques and gel.

How to carry the yoni massage out?

  1. Once your partner is relaxed and aroused enough from the full-body massage, mainly the erogenous zones such as breasts, transition fluently to the massage of vulva itself.
  2. Use lubrication gel or oils and cover your fingers with them.
  3. Lay one hand on her lower abdomen and the other on the outer skin of the Yoni – spread the oil on those spots slowly then.
  4. Massage the yoni area and change up the intensity and style of the motions.
  5. Later on, move right towards yoni. Touch its lips using your oily fingers, squeeze them together and massage them with the circling, pushing, tugging and tapping technique.
  6. Follow by entering the inside of her yoni itself and the G-Spot (if you are not sure where it is, just google it beforehand). Push tenderly on the spot and its area. Circle around it, ride on it top to bottom and alter the speed of your fingers. You can pay attention to her clitoris using your thumb.
  7. Use the other hand to massage the rest of her body.
  8. Remember that the orgasm isn’t the end of the procedure!
  9. Act very slowly at the end of the whole thing. Pull your fingers out of vulva very carefully but keep on massaging the rest of her body until you stop fluently.

Yoni method doesn’t only lead to arousal but towards relaxation of the mind and knocking down certain sexual blocks or frustrations. If your partner can not relax enough during love-making then the yoni massage could help to search a new way towards the eroticism and excitement. Your sex may acquire unexpected dimensions that may satisfy both you and her.

Have you ever tried the Yoni technique or are you planning to try it? Try to write about it in the comment section.

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