Ways to improve your sex life

Many times girlfriends or wives complain that their men do not last in the bed for more than 5-8 minutes and it has become a common problem. Below are given some common tips for lasting longer in bed:

  • Kegel exercises –Though yoga or kegel exercises will not aid you in transforming you into a pornstar immediately, yet it will certainly strengthen your pelvic muscles and this will turn highly helpful for controlling ejaculation. Kegel exercises are highly effectual for your erogenous regions and so, you must do these exercises regularly and be mindful that they are far better compared to popping pills.
  • Allow your partner to be on the top – You can ask your lady to be on the top instead of the other way round. During this position, the sensitivity of a male’s penis gets reduced remarkably. However, you are always liberal to experiment with different other positions until you discover the one which will suit both you and your partner. While making sex, you must experiment with new positions regularly as sex in the same position becomes boring very fast.

  • Go slow – Don’t become a raging bull and go slow. It is highly important to enjoy the entire process and so, don’t thrust your penis, instead of that,press your penis gently inside your partner’s vagina. You must be mindful that the most sensitive nerves are situated near the opening of her vagina. Hence, in place of deep thrusts, you must try shallow thrusts and help to achieve orgasms fast.
  • Willpower – It is extremely important to apply your willpower to stop being fast to reach the pleasure point efficiently. You must be highly sensitive to your partner’s needs. You must think that when your partner becomes happy then she will wish to have sex more often and become adventurous too with anal and oral tricks.

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The size of the penis

Some people are lucky whereas some aren’t that lucky. The unlucky men suffer from the problem of a smaller than average size of the penis. There are many women who spend lots of money on enlarging their breasts, so, a man should also brood over the problem of a small penis. However, the good news is there are ways through which the length of the penis can be increased significantly. Most people believe that it is not possible to increase the size of the penis and men must remain satisfied with God’s gift. Again, some people give answers but their answers turn out to ignorant and stupid. So, most of the guys attempt to keep this a top secret.

Even if 99% of people hold this view that increasing the size of your penis isn’t possible, then too it can’t be the truth. According to extensive research, it has been proved that it is entirely possible to enlarge your penis permanently and it can be done through using stretching exercises. Hence, it is possible and at times, medical doctors too use plus recommend them. There are numerous men who have made their penis bigger and that too pretty successfully. And the best thing is it is possible regardless of your genetics, age, and size of the penis. The stretching exercises are highly effective, simple, and permanent.

The amount of blood which flows into the chambers of your penis determines the size of your penis. A few people have huge penis chambers, and so, a huge amount of blood flows into the penis, thus, making the manhood bigger in size. Again, some guys come armed with a small chamber, and this is why; very little blood manages to flow into these chambers. The penis stretching exercises become helpful in stretching the chambers’ tissues, thus making them larger so that they can contain more blood.

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