Love at 20, 30, 40 and 50+ years

Whether we are big or small, a woman or a man, rich or poor, young or old, we all seek the same thing at some point in our lives: someone to love and who loves us in return. Only, even if the goal to be achieved remains the same, the paths to take and the means implemented to make it differ throughout our existence. So how? How to find yourself amid this real emotional mess that is life?

I’m talking about a time that more than 20 years old can not know

Bohemian! Oh, being 20 years old, and already looking for love is not easy. Especially in a consumer society like ours where we prefer to throw rather than repair and that same side heart! At 20 years old, it’s hard to know each other well, and that’s important when you’re looking for your loved one. But either, as our friend Albert Camus said in his great wisdom: “If you do not know what you want, know at least what you do not want.” Because yes, at 20 years old, it is out of the question to impose useless constraints! Do not try to give up this or that college for beautiful eyes that might not look so long! At this age, you have plenty of time to experiment to know you better and to know what you like or not. Do not close doors; you have plenty of time to start a family and take on the responsibilities that come with it.

What is it so good to be thirty years old

We have time to see old age come and torments said another singer! Indeed, at 30, you are already more assertive, more stabilized professionally, and personally. You start to have a certain apprehension of things that avoids you many galleys, and it also works in love! The “plans” a little shaky that you could have had a few years earlier with some people do not tempt you, but then at all, and that’s good! Moreover, the people you could meet are more, and it becomes much simpler to project yourself!

And 40…almost as much time as counting up to 1 Billion High Voice!

Awesome, no? It’s beautiful 40 years! At this age, it is far from being finished on the heart! Do not listen to all those advertisers who want us to believe that you have to be barely pubescent to find love! Love at age 40 is a renewal every day; it is an age where we are much less embarrassed by the social conventions that weigh us so much. And we flourish that better! You have an experience that defines you and helps you make your choices; you finally know what you want or do not want.

And at 50 years old so?

love 40+

Ah, because you thought it was over? Think again! This is where everything starts! At 50, we still have the right and the duty to be loved, but be careful, to be loved for what we are! You have to trust yourself, you have covered all your weaknesses and your strengths, all that remains is to find that person with whom to share them. Stay yourself, that’s how you are the best!

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