Possible Dangers of using unreliable sex toys

With little regulations on sex toys in several countries, and with many sex toy shops out there in the internet, it is easy to land yourself with getting a sex toy that is not just unreliable, but even dangerous. That is why it is important that one only buys his or her own sex toys from a reputable online sex toy shop.

In this article, we will seek to expose the dangers and risk of buying from an unreliable sex toy provider. Common consequences of using a sex toy that contains toxic chemicals include:

Rashes & Blisters

If you notice that your skin does not respond well when in contact with the sex toy, and notice that rashes are coming out of your skin, that is one tell-tale sign that indicates that either you have sensitive skin, or that the sex toy model might be harmful for your skin and you should avoid it.

Allergic Reactions

Some sex toys are made out of plastic that can cause allergic reactions to your skin, especially when the toy isn’t well cleansed.


Getting an infection isn’t as uncommon as you think. Sex toys are not a natural mean for penetration and thus at times it may cause an infection in the vaginal area of the female body. Thus, it is crucial that you sterilize the toy before using it.

What are plasticizers?

There are many sex toys that are made out of rubber. And there is a substance called plasticizers that are added to create a desired softness in the toy for use. Bad plasticizers can cause the toy to be less safe to use. Some plasticizers are made out of volatile liquids and acids, and it is a highly unstable mixture that can be easily melted. When a sex toy is not made properly, the plasticizer component can leak out of the toy and cause rashes and burns for the user. Safe plasticizers on the other hand are more natural and are made from soybeans that do not have this harmful element.

What are phthalates?

Phthalates is an element that is often added to PVC sex toys. Phthalates are mainly used as plasticizers as well and can easily be disturbed by heat and this element can turn into goo when exposed to heat. This is like an acid and when it is leaked out of the sex toy, it can cause burning to your skin.

In conclusion, we do not recommend buying your sex toy from an unreliable distributer or manufacturer. In addition, do not just avoid adult toys that fall under the “not reliable” categorybut also the “middle” category, where they are not made of porous material or are made in a really odd shape that can actually be dangerous when it is not used properly.

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